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Pharmacy Valuation Accredited:

Medici Capital are accredited Australia-wide with 13 financial institutions.


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Ask us for information on our extensive pannel of financial institutions we are accredited with.

Other Valuations:

Market Appraisal of Value:


A Medici Capital Market Appraisal of Value is a system we introduced to allow Pharmacists, Accountants and Bankers to determine the value of a pharmacy based on a limited data set in a short time frame.

The Market Appraisal of Value provides a greater level of detail than the Indicative Valuation, however without the depth of data required for a full valuation. You enter the data, we pass the information through our systems providing benchmarks and commentary, then produce a report of the business value, with additional analysis and business commentary within the same business day.

  • What?

    A Market Appraisal of Value provides an appraisal of value based on a limited information set in the instance where a report is required in a short timeframe

  • How?

    You input the information on-line through Medici Express. For $1,500 plus GST you enter the data, we provide the report to you within the same business day.

  • Why?

    A Medici Capital Market Appraisal of Value is the equivalent of the Brokers Valuation or that done by an Accountant. However, the report is compiled within the same business day for half the price

What You Need:

To conduct a Market Appraisal of Value, you will require the following information:

  • Qualitative Information:
    • Shop Size
    • Staffing Roster
    • Operating Hours
    • Location & Centre Type
    • Business Commentary

  • Quantitative Information:
    • One Full Year's Profit & Loss Statement


What You Get:

A Market Appraisal of Value Report will provide you with:

  • Narrative about the business;
  • Operating hours and staff roster;
  • Key lease data;
  • Application of Medici Capital Benchmarks;
  • Summary of financial information provided;
  • List of adjustments applied, (with explanations);
  • Ratio analysis of the business;
  • Identification of relevant capitalisation rate;
  • Commentary from a Medici Capital valuation analyst; and
  • The market appraisal for the business.

A sample Market Appraisal of Value can be requested from Medici Capital.


What's Next:

For Pharmacists ...

  1. Is the Market Appraisal of Value "stacking-up" as expected?
    • If the Market Appraisal of Value is as you expected, then you may look into arranging further analysis/investigation to analyse the reliability of the inputs.
    • If the value is not what you expected, contact Medici Capital to arrange a strategy to investigate areas of concern regarding the value.
  2. Is a Market Appraisal of Value providing sufficient analysis?
    • As a buyer/seller, the Market Appraisal of Value will provide a medium level of analysis for identifying the likely value of the pharmacy. Further analysis/due diligence should be sought on the business during negotiations.
    • For lending purposes, contact your chosen financial institution to determine whether a Market Appraisal of Value will be sufficient for lending purposes. In most cases it will be. If not, they will advise a course of action required.
  3. What happens after the Market Appraisal of Value and how do I request further analysis and/or information?
    • Medici Capital are specialist valuers and analysts for Pharmacy. Our analytical tools and services can be useful to you in developing and growing your business. Call us to discuss.
    • Medici Capital can also help you with:
      • Buying/selling a pharmacy
      • Management consulting
      • Finance
      • Succession planning
      • Partnerships
      • Comprehensive valuations
      Please contact us at 03 9853 7933 to discuss your requirements.

For An Accountant, Broker or Adviser ...

Keep abreast with pharmacy developments. As the recognised leading industry analysts, we prepare and deliver industry outlook and forecasts. Contact us to update your knowledge of the pharmacy industry to gain a better insight into how to interpret our valuation reports.

For Pharmacy Bankers ...

You've joined the club! As a supporter of Medici Capital, we will support you.

As part of this service relationship, we will forward further updates and bulletins to you. In addition, we are available for further comments, recommendations and analysis in regards to the valuation.

Make use of our additional services and resources, both on-line and off-line to further understand the pharmacy industry.



$1,500 plus GST is the cost of a Market Appraisal of Value.


Further Information:

Medici Capital specialises in business valuations, finance and management consulting. Due to our expertise, specialisation and comprehensive data set, we are in a unique position to provide comprehensive financial and analytical solutions for your business and professional needs throughout your career.

For further information or assistance, please contact our office on:

P: +61 (0)3 9853 7933
F: +61 (0)3 9671 3337
E: Contact Medici Capital